Before listing on a professional diving watch?

Rolex and Blancpain can be said to be the ancestor of the modern diving table, 1950 had launched a watch for divers (Modern diving table prototype), it is due to the appearance of the rotating bezel, however it is not yet invented in the strict sense, professional diving table. If you can travel through time, you may have a chance to hear the World War II Italy Navy frogman assault team show amazing success in underwater combat, close combat for precision instrument support, so how to further improve the performance of waterproof watch for them is very important, in addition to the timing depends on the timepiece need more accurate the direction of inference. Italy Navy commando frogmen In 40s, the emergence of a large number of water table, most of the watch comes with an additional crown cap (waterproof crown), in order to increase the water resistance. However, as early as 1930, except for the Italy Navy divers Panerai supply all kinds of instruments, more cooperation with rolex replica , the first dedicated to the development of produce Diver Watch, lay the unshakable dominance of military professional diving table. The more than 4 years earlier, when OMEGA watches for the demand of the elements of civil approach based on research and development in the process of rectangular Marine, with two-way slide and support the patent removable case makes waterproof watches in theory is more than 100 meters. The move to Marine successfully for diving pioneer William Beebe (WilliamBeebe) used to know the biologist in 1934 had created only by virtue of a sphere, then dive to 14 meters deep underwater proud of success. OMEGA CK Marine 3635 T Cal. 17 In fact, can go back to the starting period: 1920, the company will have to watch to introduce all kinds of waterproof watch, which has become increasingly popular and watch wristlet. With the waterproof case in 1926 the world's first watch for the emergence of the replica watches oyster case, rotary ring system, brand patent assembly bottom cover and middle watchcase crown, which makes the development of diving table is a big step forward. But there was not able to meet the needs of the depth of the diver watches, no independent research and development of underwater movement. 8752086501 copy And the outside pressure diving suit dressed in old-fashioned wearing a diving helmet diver, from the beginning of 1820s, some of the spirit of fearless (not the spirit of the brave ") was originally intended for the use of fire fighting equipment to dive, after all from the level to which continued into the air, the elements will have life and death for people who may not be a priority (death *2). In deep-sea exploration (depth) to promote the increase and development of the industrialization process, and finally in the early 20s the first homemade diving helmet, and divers for the underwater concrete operation time precision demand is also growing. "The adventures of Tintin: Treasure red Rackham's" This watch industry has already begun testing waterproof watch may be difficult, in the water to face finally, with a staggering scheme for termination of the R & D diving suit pocket watch - external solution extremely simple: Divers internal fixation will watch the diving helmet, the location near the depth gauge where such you will always in time by a glimpse of a depth gauge! Panerai Another method is in need to remove the rolex replica waterproof case! At that time, so that the divers ordered the first thing to do is: will a ticking watch into the helmet, then put on, guarantee it will not be wet. Fortunately, now people find a more complicated way instead of the solution, the invention of professional diving table.